Information on Yardlights.
What about Yardlights?
LED yard lights are often just as bad as the streetlights. But what if you want to change them to LED? In case you want to, don't! It would be a foolish decision.
1. LED fixtures are often rated to replace a fixture of a certain wattage. But this is often a lie, as they assume certain conditions
that are sometimes not present in the installation. For example, it could be that the old light is filled with bugs and has a worn-out lamp.
However, with minimal effort, the old fixture could be fixed and give out lots of light once again.

An example of a non-LED bucket light yard light. 2. What are the advantages of the other technologies? Let's take a look:
Mercury Vapor (MV): High-visibility light (easy to see details even with low light levels) and sometimes a white light,
although it has relatively low color rendering capabilities.

High Pressure Sodium (HPS): Highly-efficient (sometimes more efficient than LED!) with a yellow-orange light.

3. Where will the old fixture go? If you throw it away, then it's just filling up the landfill. What about recycling it?
Recycling can be difficult for light fixtures. Ideally, I think you should keep the luminaire.

4. What about aesthetics? A lot of LED area/yard lights could be said to be ugly, some of them look like UFOs! Non-LED light fixtures often do not have this strange appearance.

What kind of yard light should I get? It depends on where you want to use it. If you're getting one for your house, try out a wallpack or bucket light. They're relatively inexpensive and are well suited for residential yards and small areas. For bigger areas,
I would recommend cobraheads or floodlights. They come in many options for many different uses. There are also other types of outdoor lights, such as highmasts and post tops.

5. What if you're looking to install a brand new fixture? LED may be heavily marketed, but don't be fooled, they aren't the only options available.

If you're looking for more info, go to Yard Light Care.

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