LED Economics
The economics of LED.
A common reason people and utilites switch to LED streetlights is that it will save them money. However, this is mostly false advertising.
Let's imagine that we have 10 streetlights, and they're all 150 watt HPS. The new LED streetlights use 80 watts, and theoretically this will save 700 watts. The tricky part is that the LED streetlights may never pay for themselves in their lifetimes, plus most of them have to be completely replaced once it goes bad. With the traditional streetlights, you can simply put a new lamp in. If we do save 700 watts, then it's about 7 kWh per day. Assuming an electricity cost of $.12 per kilowatt-hour, we save around 1 dollar per day. If each LED streetlight costs $200, then it'll take 6 years just to pay them off! That doesn't account for early failures, creating even more fixtures to pay for.

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't switch to LED, at least for street lighting.

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