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Even more informtion on LED streetlights.
What does a regular streetlight look like?
Here's a cobrahead, they come in a variety of styles/variations.

Why should I care about this?
You should care because they are replacing working fixtures, many of them are decades old! It also makes nighttime worse for all of us.
Another reason you should care is that many of the old lights get thrown away, and then sent to a landfill.

Aren't LED streetlights more efficient than the old ones?
This is mostly clever marketing. To get a higher efficiency, they have to use "lens panel" optics, which is bad for streetlighting.
It causes more glare and has worse light control than the older lights.

But aren't they eco-friendly?
Only theoretically! In practice LED lights are worse than what they are replacing,
and that's due to the complex circuitry and the LEDs themselves. It takes a lot of energy (and materials) to make an LED streetlight.

I like white light!
I like white light too, but from personal experience, I can say that the color of white LEDs
is a downgrade compared to other white-light sources such as metal halide. The other problem with using white LEDs for streetlighting is that it creates a sense of boringness, as it's
just the same white light everywhere, with no variety. It's important to have some variation with lighting, or nighttime
will become more mundane without it. Also, the kind of white light that LED makes usually isn't very good, due to a bad spectrum.

I'll do it later.
There isn't much time left! Get started now, or very soon, as a lot of them have already been changed out.
You can also start by getting a non-LED streetlight and using it as a yardlight.

What about yardlights?
A lot of the info here applies to those too, such as not converting them to LED.
You can go to this page for that info, and then go here for a guide on yardlight maintenance.

Here are some words you can use to help stop LED streetlights:
LEDismal LEDisaster
LEDisease LEDarkness

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