Welcome to Get Simple! Get Simple is a Minecraft Java (now with Bedrock support!) server that is all about simplicity. Unlike other servers that are filled to the brim with plugins that detract from the "pure" multiplayer Minecraft experience, Get Simple is mostly without plugins.


Players are started in survival by default but there are options for playing in creative mode in the special creative zones. Additionally, we have minigames and a PvP arena for extra fun.


Use streetlights.info as the IP. For bedrock, a new address is coming soon.

The Simple Rules

1. No griefing, cheating, or illegal activity.
2. Have fun!


Is there a Discord? Yes! Go to it here: discord.gg/8SyVRJy

Is PvP allowed? Yes! In GS Superflat, however, there is no PvP as it is all in creative mode.
How many players are allowed? Currently, the player limit is set at 20 per server, but this may raise or lower depending on the server's computational capacity.
What is it hosted on? Currently, Get Simple Survival uses a custom-built server with a healthy 16GB of RAM. Get Simple Superflat uses a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB of RAM.
What startup script do you use? I programmed a script just for this server, Hajime.


Introducing Get Simple Superflat! Access this creative superflat world by using the /server command.

Get Simple is now hosted on a dedicated server that I originally built to be a 10 gigabit fileserver.

We now have three minigames: A parkour course, an invisible maze, and something called Blast Room.

Get Simple is now hosted on an 8GB Raspberry Pi 4! It's also connected to an honest-to-goodness SSD, so this yields super fast speeds.

Get Simple now has a Discord group!

Get Simple has switched to PaperMC! This is just to improve performance and give extra control without the use of any plugins.

Things To Do

Get Simple has many cool activities on offer. As you already know, there's classic survival Minecraft, but there is also an arena for PvP. Additionally, at the spawn area there are minigames on offer.

Sponsored by streetlights.info.
Updated September 2020